SPECTRE financial trading platform without brokers.


SPECTRE is the world’s first financial trading platform without brokers,.

with a built-in decentralized pool of liquidity, which acts as a guarantor in all trades. The platform is going to provide access to trading currencies and CFD (derivatives). The liquidity pool is initially funded through the initial coin offering (ICO), and tokens are distributed between investors in exchange.

Every trading deal is regulated by smart contracts —

 brokers are completely removed from this process. In other words, the SPECTRE liquidity pool system belongs to the token holders who initially invest in the ICO, and thus have a part of SPECTRE profit on an ongoing basis.

The project will have two types of tokens in circulation, SPEC-D/SPEC-U, each trading separately on different exchanges. One of the tokens pays dividends, which are calculated by increasing the pool of liquidity and the buyback program. The second is a utility token required for obtaining privileges on the platform, such as higher payments, access to all assets and trading tools, as well as to the Spectre Academy of Financial Education.

The project’s CEO is Karan Hemani, a serial entrepreneur with diplomas from the London School of Economics and extensive experience in finance. His career includes work in such companies as JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. In addition to the project leader Hemani, the team includes specialists in financial engineering in stock and option markets and Forex.

The main Spectre sale started on November 17th and will end on December 12th, 2017, or upon reaching the Hard Cap, which is $30 mln. According to the project website, about $7.5 mln were raised during the Pre-Sale.

The potential short-term growth of the project and the token is more likely positive; there is a demand for tokens. It is more likely neutral in the long term, as the project will have to face a tough market competition in the field of decentralized exchanges. The obvious benefit is the potential for demand from traders, due to the absence of a broker, a huge industry and market capitalization, a powerful team — a corporation, a ready-made product (public alpha was released in Q3 2017, where users can trade on demo accounts, public beta version with the testnet integration is to be released in Q4 2017). However, due to the use of the Ethereum network and the projected huge number of users, the platform may experience delays.

The Token Fund team is not going to participate in this ICO. The risks of long-term investment are that the project is going to operate in a highly-regulated industry — trading financial instruments. Spectre will need to obtain necessary licenses and permits in each country before allowing the citizens of the countries to trade. This jeopardizes the implementation of the road map within the established deadlines.

 Spectre (USA) https://www.spectre.ai



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